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Learn More About Quantum Energy Services

At Quantum Energy Services, we set a high standard by continuously analyzing even the smallest details with your trust in mind. We deliver scalable solutions that align with your industrial, commercial, or residential needs. The Nansulate energy saving products that we offer create a simple and effective way to insulate buildings, equipment, and machinery by creating a radiant barrier.

Our Mission: 

Our mission is to be a pioneer in energy conservation by providing innovative energy saving products and services that surpass our competition. We achieve this through a team-oriented effort that focuses on:

* Attracting and cultivating a high performing workforce

* Acting in an advisory capacity to solve customer problems

* Partnering with the highest quality product and material suppliers

* Building and maintaining a financially sound company

* Conducting ourselves with integrity as truth is the currency of QES science

These initiatives enable us to consistently provide high quality customer services and best practices in the industry.

Our Core Values: 

“At Quantum Energy Services, we believe a strong corporate culture inspires passion in employees in what they do. The following core values are what make us Quantum Energy Services. These standards are our baseline; the place where our journey begins. They are the foundation upon which personal and professional greatness can be built.” –Joseph K. Lamb Jr., President QES

1. Be autonomous.

2. Respect the chain of command.

3. Check your ego at the door.

4. Practice blameless problem solving.

5. Listen generously.

6. Take responsibility for your job.

7. Write and speak in a way that is clear and direct.

8. Appearance counts.

9. Be on time and honor commitments.

10. Practice excellence as a way of life.

11. Customer care is everyone’s job.

12. We succeed or fail as a team.

13. Exhibit respectful behavior.

14. Obtain all necessary information.

15. Look ahead and anticipate.

16. Set and ask for expectations.

17. Be where you are.