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At its core, Quantum Energy Services is an energy management company. We are an authorized distributor of the Nansulate® product line. This product is unique in the coating industry because we use nanotechnology to achieve uncommon results. Our products are created with a resin base that has low VOC’s and is environmentally friendly.

The nanoparticles in this product create a maze inside the base that can regulate temperature, preventing corrosion and protection against UV damage. This is truly a revolutionary product that replaces older methods of insulation like rockwool and fiberglass, which tend to break down rapidly. Once cured, Nansulate® products last for 10 years guaranteed. They can be applied in industrial, residential, or commercial settings.

Nansulate® insulation is a vital part of improving our environment and offering long-lasting energy savings. Here is a list of the industries and areas that you will find Nansulate technology:

Sustainable Factories

  • Steam System Components
  • Heat Process Equipment
  • Pipes, Pipelines, and Offshore
  • Tanks
  • Textiles Manufacturing Equipment
  • Industrial Dryers and Ovens
  • Food Manufacturing Equipment
  • Nuclear Facilities
  • Military/Defense Applications

Sustainable Buildings

  • Buildings Envelope (Walls and Ceilings)
  • Roofs (Gulf Western Roofing!)
  • Windows
  • Skylights
  • Lead Remediation

At Quantum Energy Services, we set a high standard of excellence. By continuously analyzing even the smallest details with your trust in mind, we deliver scalable solutions that align with your business or residential needs. Our products provide the next generation of effective industrial and commercial coatings for thermal insulation, corrosion protection, chemical resistance, fire resistance, mold resistance, and UV and moisture resistance.

Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about Nansulate® technology for your industry.